Hiking in Switzerland – naturally in Goms, the mountain village!

Your feet’s pressure massages me. When you stand still, you admire the alpine surroundings. When you jump around on me, I know you feel joy. When your step is light, it is early morning. When you tread heavily, you have been walking for a while. Your sticks poke and tickle me. I get sad when people leave their trash behind. The tread on your shoes shows your experience. If you keep walking on the spot, you are probably lost. If you make fast progress, you know your way. I am looking forward to accompanying you on every step of the way. I am your hiking trail.

The mountain village Goms is the Eldorado for hikers in Switzerland with its 700 kilometres of marked trails. There is a tour for every need – varying from heights between 1200 and 3000 metres above sea level.


The best-known classics of Goms hiking are the «Gommer Höhenweg», the «Waldweg» and the «Rottenweg». In addition to being a wonderful nature experience, the myriad of theme trails in Goms will teach you a lot about local lore. They are highly recommended for families as well.


For those who just cannot get enough of hiking, the hidden passes leading into the neighbouring Italy, Ticino, Bern and Uri are a perfect addition to the trails in Goms. If you want to go on an ambitious adventure, take the Four Headwater Trail and hike over the Gotthard massif in stages to pass the four sources of the Rhône, the Rhine, the Reuss and the Ticino.


You really do not need your car when travelling to and around Goms. The Gommer Pass issued by the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway (MGBahn) allows you to take any train on the route Fiesch-Oberwald. That way, you can start your tour in the valley almost anywhere you like and board a train home later in the day. The postbus (Postauto) will even take you up the passes Furka, Grimsel and Nufenen – and down again.


A tolerant cooperation is necessary so that the important work of the farmers can take place and our guests can nevertheless enjoy the wonderful alpine meadows on extended hikes. The following document (german only) with maps of the alpine pastures of the region provides useful information and behavior.

You will find further information on the herd protection at the following link:

  • Wanderung
    This circular hike offers a matchless sight on the Rhone glacier, to lake Grimsel and across the area of Obergoms. It starts at alpine Furkapass and first a gentle pathway that becomes steeper leads upwards to Tällilücke. A short length still further upwards you reach the Tällistock. Then the ...
  • Wanderung
    Today you like to fly high! Searching freedom on mountain peak and vastness of broad panorama above the alps. At your feet the young Rhone river flows embedded in beautiful valley bottom of Obergoms. Heavens Blue reflects itself in impressive Distel lake. The effort pays itself off!
  • Wanderung
    You like to hike across the Galebrunne? Please explain The local people describes Galebrunne as the alp that, after an immense rock fall, sits highly enthroned above the talus of Ritzingerfeld. Like from an eyrie you enjoy a gorgeous sight into the beginning of Rhone valley at your feet and across ...
  • Wanderung
    Flowered natural meadows, bright larch forest and alpine flora rich in species accompany you on the way to unique Münstiger sun terrace. The hospitality of mountain hut Galmihorn and 360° broad panorama reimburse you for the effort of climbing up. The wilde and romantic Bächi valley welcomes ...
  • Wanderung
    You feel like hiking apart from beaten pathways? Then set off for discovering beautiful Stockji-peak! Enormous scenic pleasurable experience as well as a stunning far view on mountains and valleys are guaranteed for you!
  • Wanderung
    The small lake Bru is situated in a secluded part of wild and romantic alpine landscape of Obergoms. After a climbing rich in vertical metres departing from Biel allow yourself an extensive rest at chilly lake Bru before you walk further on along the track. Hiking past the rocky Honeggerhorn you get ...
  • Themenpfad
    A protective forest offers protection for people and infrastructure against natural hazards like e.g. avalanches or falling rocks. In Goms the biggest part of forest area is identified as a protective forest. In the course of time the demands towards a protective forest have gone up. Growing ...
  • Wanderung
    You start the beautiful tour to Furka pass in Oberwald. Past the mountain village Gere, that once has been autonomous and even had an own jurisdiction, you reach alp Lenges, where the cattle from Oberwald spends the summer. From mountain ridge Bidmer you can enjoy magnificent mountain panorama with ...
  • Wanderung
    The Gommer Höhenweg, first Premium Trail of Switzerland, leads from Oberwald to Bellwald - along the sunny side of high mountain valley Goms.
  • Wanderung
    The Furka Höhenweg (Swiss Regional Route Nr. 51) leads in two stages of Andermatt over the Furka pass to Oberwald. The stage Andermatt - Furka pass leads past the rocky south-eastern slopes of Urserental and grants keen sights to Hospental and Realp and the historic Furka steam train. Alpine ...
  • Wanderung
    A great hike with breath-taking panorama to Rhone glacier, glaciers of Lauteraar- and Finsteraarhorn. This hike is a part of Four Headwaters Trail.
  • Wanderung
    The Gommer Höhenweg, first Premium Trail of Switzerland, leads from Oberwald to Bellwald - along the sunny side of high mountain valley Goms. As a comfortable one day hike of Gommer Höhenweg the section from Münster to Bellwald can be chosen.