Theme trails in the mountain village Goms – Find knowledge while walking

Cäsar Ritz is my friend. I would like to tell you about him. There is hardly anything I do not know about Goms chapels. I will explain you how the protection forest manages to make Goms a habitable place. I have stories to tell about the land and its people. I know why the potato fields in the mountain village Goms are tiny. Line up, I am your theme trail.

When wanderlust and a craving for knowledge get you, the mountain village Goms offers a great deal of attractions to satisfy your interests.

Erlebnis-Fuer GeistGemuet-Wellness-Kneippweg




Themenweg Schutzwald

Grafschaft, «Gommer Höhenweg»

Erlebnisweg Reckingen-Gluringen


Dorfrundgang Reckingen-Gluringen_Broschüre

Reckingen - Gluringen

Kulturweg Münster - Geschinen

Münster - Geschinen

Erlebnis-Fuer GeistGemuet-Themenwege